Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Living


The secret to living an empowered life is giving yourselves the gift of special ‘Me-time’ every day. This is your time to completely focus on your beautiful dreams, magnificent life vision, aspirational goals, health and wellness, and spiritual life.

Imagine making time every morning to love, honour and care for yourself and boost your confidence, clarity and motivation.

The Sunrise Rituals 7 module program teaches you the daily practices designed to help you to take charge of your day by training your mind and body, and connecting with your heart and spirit.  

Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Wealth


The secret to transforming your mindset so you can live an empowered wealthy life is to immerse yourself every day in your personal wealth ceremony.

The Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Wealth 7 module program teaches you the daily practices designed to help you to bust through the money ceiling and create an abundant and wealthy life.  

Sunrise Rituals Guided Meditations


To help develop your own personal Sunrise Rituals practices these guided meditations will help you to train your mind, and connect with your heart and spirit.  

Sunrise Rituals Guided Visualisations


To help you to develop your own visualisation practice as part of your Sunrise Rituals these guided visualisations will help to boost your confidence, clarity and motivation.

“Illira has provided me with simple and effective tools which have helped me to kickstart my mornings feeling focused, motivated and energised. I am now reaching my career goals at an unbelievable speed and all due to a few easy changes to my morning routine.”

Allie Evans

“I started setting my morning intentions after Illira introduced me to the concept. I found that by setting a just a few key intentions for the day, I was more focused. I now add my ‘Daily Intentions’ to my phone calendar – a great reminder when my days get busy. It only takes a minute each morning, but really makes me stop and think about how I want my day to unfold. Its a great feeling when I achieve all my intentions … or even just one!”

Josie Bowers

“The inspiring tips in each section have resonated with me together with Illira’s enthusiasm. As a consequence I have found the motivation to set my alarm earlier each morning with the aim to reaching 5am. I am excited by the possibilities and feel I’m on my way to fulfilling my goals.”

Freedy Coorey

About Illira

Illira Margaritis is CEO of VitaliseYou, an empowered performance strategist, author of Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women, and a motivational speaker.

Illira is passionate about teaching her message, “Empower your life. Inspire your world.” ® to help women discover their genius zone, conquer their challenges, and ignite their empowerment to create thriving businesses and lifestyles they love.



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