Have you ever wanted something so badly in your life but kept putting it off? Finally, you sum up the courage, and take the plunge to get started. After putting in your time, energy, even some sleepless nights, it seems like things are finally starting to take shape. Then, all of a sudden, ‘out of the blue’ you hit this invisible roadblock, and everything comes to a grinding halt.
So often, we can be unaware of these ‘roadblocks’, and keep bumping into them wondering why we’re getting stuck, and not moving forward. Have you ever hit a roadblock that’s completely stopped you?

These roadblocks are the doubts at the back of our mind that become our habitual way of thinking. We are not even aware of them, yet the impact on our lives can be massive. They can keep us playing small, prevent us from achieving what we want, and even stop us from trying. They can stop us from experiencing your fullest potential. They can block us from from discovering our authentic voice, and sharing our unique message.

Imagine having a thought in the back of your mind like “What if I fail?”, and how that can affect your life. Say you want to launch a new business, write a book, or get healthier.  Can you imagine the impact of having this thought at the back of your mind? It’s going to prevent you from giving 100% of your time and energy into what you say it is you what. It’s like a predetermined decision that you will fail, no matter how hard you try.

Step 1 Awareness

The first step is to be aware of these thoughts so that you are in a better position to do something about them and create positive change. You are then in a position to flip them from a negative roadblock to a positive thought.

Step 2 Identify

The second step is take a moment to think about what are some of these roadblocks that are stopping you in your life. For example, if your roadblock is “What if I fail?”, think about what it’s costing you in your life, your health, your business and your relationships.

Step 3 Flip

The third step is to to think about what is the opposite positive thought. For example, “There are so many opportunities that it’s worth taking the risk to chase my dreams.”  What you are doing in fact is creating a new habitual thought pattern to replace the ‘roadblock’. The key is to practice it consistently until it becomes a habitual thought.

The key is to apply this new positive thought into your life. Practice seeing yourself behaving as if this is true in your life right now. Create a picture in your mind where you see yourself speaking, acting, interacting and making decisions like someone who believes that, “There are so many opportunities that it’s worth taking the risk to chase my dreams.”

So the next time you hit a roadblock, pause and create a new positive statement and try it on for size. Remember to take the risk to bust your roadblocks and flip your doubts.

© 2018 Illira Margaritis

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