We all want to find our voice so we can share our message with the world. However we can let doubt, fear, criticism stop us from genuinely expressing our truth. By connecting with our self-love we begin to discover our authentic voice.

Too often we let doubt, fear, or judgement stop us from expressing our authentic voice and our truth. The first step is to connect with yourself and tap into your self-love – the LoveLight that lives within your heart.

Through having a daily ritual of honouring, valuing, appreciating and loving yourself you being to develop a connecting with your self-love.   Begin to see yourself through the eyes of self-love rather than the habitual thoughts of criticism and judgement. Focus on valuing and appreciating yourself and all you do in your life. This will give you the foundation to connect with your authentic voice and your truth.

Step 1 Be your own ‘bestie’

Treat yourself like your ‘bestie’. Think, speak and act towards yourself as if you are your best friend. Honour, appreciate, value and love who you are right now. Connect in with your inner LoveLight inside your heart and the person you truly are. Start to see yourself from a new perspective as if you are looking at your best friend and what you love about them.

Step 2 Awareness

Take time to become aware of the habitual thoughts your think about yourself. Do you criticise or judge yourself? Do you have doubts about your dreams and plans? Do you have habitual thoughts such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, or “I’m not brave enough.” Write down these habitual thoughts so you become aware of them and then be able to transform them.

Step 3 New empowering thoughts

Take one of your habitual thoughts such as ‘I’m not good enough” and write down all the reasons you are ‘good enough’ – all your gifts, talents, qualities and life achievements. Next write your new ’empowering thought’ – “I am good enough exactly as I am right now” or “I am worth enough because I am a beautiful, kind, loving person.” Your new empowering thoughts will help you to connect with your authentic self so that you can express your voice and your truth.


© 2018 Illira Margaritis


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