Has anyone ever told you that you are a treasure? Seriously, you are! Out of the billions upon billions of possibilities that make up each one of us, here you are, one of a kind, bespoke, and tailored made. Have you ever considered what went on behind the scenes to create someone so amazing, beautiful, radiant and stellar (truly awesome and magical) like you? Do you realise there is no one on this planet that has your unique blend of qualities, gifts, insights and wisdom?

For far too long, we have developed the habit (or been taught the habit) of not really seeing ourselves for who we truly are. What are your criteria for your self-perception? Do you base how you see yourself on what your family taught you growing up? Is your criteria based on what you read on social media or your favourite celebs? We all have an internal checklist that we unconsciously tick off every time we look at ourselves in the mirror, try on a new outfit, match up with a potential partner, apply for a new job or senior position or dare to chase our dreams. And sadly, we generally score very low against this Mount Everest-high standard that would scare off the bravest mountain climber. Seriously! Come on! Enough has to be enough.

It is time for you to stop, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to open your heart and feel the real YOU. Allow your beautiful, loving, heart to unfurl and reveal your inner LoveLight. Allow yourself to be bathed by this love and surrender to discover your bespoke qualities, gifts, insights and wisdom. Experience each of these through the language of feeling, rather than your analytical mind. Like gentle, warm, waves washing over you, each experience brings you closer and closer to your true self. Come into the centre of your heart and connect with your LoveLight allowing it to guide you.

You may wish to practice this by the ocean listing to the sound of the waves, or in the forest feeling the breeze on your skin, or a serene park by a lake or at the rose garden, or at home in your most comfortable chair. Make time for yourself to build the most important relationship in your life, the one with yourself. Make time to explore your unique blend of qualities, gifts, insights and wisdom each day. Through consistent practice these will become your self-assessment criteria, rather than what is dictated to you externally. And then one day, without you even thinking about it, like a gentle breeze against your face, a realisation will envelope you.Yes I am a a treasure! Yes I am unique, amazing, beautiful, radiant, stellar, one of kind! On that day your LoveLight will ignite, and you will realise you are truly a treasure.

Copyright 2017 Illira Margaritis

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