Your LoveLight is your unique shining light that lives within your heart. It’s the very essence of your pure, divine, eternal love that is with you always. No matter where you are, how you feel or what you are doing it is always there.

Sometimes the rough and tumble of life causes us to loose touch with our LoveLight. Busy living, juggling so many commitments keeps us in cycle of reaction and response. Just one more loose end to tie up. Just one more item on the to do list. The “just one more” never seems to end. And we get further and further away from what really matters to us.

As we are more and more caught up with the cycle of our daily living, for some surviving, we may even forget our LoveLight is there at all. Wondering why life may have lost its sparkle or its sweet taste. Wondering why our family isn’t as close, or our friendships not as deep or our love relationships not as satisfying. Wondering what is the true meaning of our life, our purpose and contribution to our world.

And then one day something happens. An event, a person, an insight, stops us in our tracks and makes us realise the very thing we’ve been chasing is within us all along. Maybe it’s tears that open your heart or someone in need. Maybe it’s a health challenge you or a loved one face. Maybe your life gets flipped on its head and you’re shaking your head questioning why. Or maybe it’s just time to stop and reconnect with your heart, your unique and special LoveLight.

That day you realise that all the love you’ve ever yearned for lives right inside of you. So abundant, rich, deep, nurturing, healing, that it takes your breath away. Allowing yourself to sink into this healing balm and float effortlessly becoming one with that love.

That day you realise you have connected and communed with your inner LoveLight. It is yours forever more. You can go to this special place anytime you wish and revel there.

So now it’s time for you to turn up your LoveLight and shine brightly. Join your LoveLight with everyone else’s. Our world needs you!


Copyright 2017 Illira Margaritis

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