Empowerment is the new Success!

International Women’s Day on 8 March is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year’s theme #pressforprogress is aimed at forging a better working world – a more inclusive, gender equal world.

Reflecting on IWD, I was thinking about how we as women define ‘success’ and what it means to be a ‘successful woman’. Our current definition is based on society’s norm that rates our looks, income, possessions, achievements, and lifestyle. However, this definition pigeon holes us into a preconceived idea of “what a woman should be like” and fails to embrace the multidimensional aspects of women. When we accept this superficial definition we give our power away and shrink to fit into the mould.

If we truly want to progress our position as women globally, I believe that it’s time to take back our power by replacing our current definition of ‘success’ with that of ‘empowerment’. However, have we taken the time to consider what ‘empowerment’ really means? I believe that ’empowerment’ means: understanding and accepting and ourselves, being willing to improve, standing up for what we believe in, and daring to pursue our life vision, even in the face of great obstacles.





To help you to connect with your own empowerment I would like to share some ideas with you:

  1. Get to know you! – make time each morning to connect with the wisdom that lives with your LoveLight or ‘heartspace’ through journaling, meditation or self-reflection. A wonderful way to tap into your intuition and creativity.
  2. Value yourself – write down your unique qualities (e.g. kind, patient, caring, determined, focused), and reflect upon these throughout the day as a reminder.
  3. Honour yourself – identify how you can include self-care, fun, relaxation, and creativity into your life and add these into your schedule.
  4. Love yourself – the relationship with yourself is the most important in your life. Write down what you love about yourself ( e.g. your gifts, talents, or virtues). Reflect upon these throughout your day and feel genuine appreciation for the special and unique woman you are. There is no one else like you!

So this IWD, I invite you to embrace your empowerment and be the leader you truly are. When you have the courage to live as an empowered woman you become a role model for all the women and girls in your life.


Copyright Illira Margaritis 2018

Illira Margaritis is an empowerment strategist, author, trainer, speaker and entrepreneur. Illira is the CEO and Founder of VitaliseYou with the mission of empowering women and ILLIRA inspiring women to connect to their LoveLight or ‘heartspace’.

Illira’s new book Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women – how to achieve your life vision faster, teaches the #7 Peak Performance Habits to help women live an empowered life. The Sunrise Rituals teach you how to develop an empowered mindset, build emotional resilience, enhance self-awareness, ignite, motivation, strengthen confidence and prioritise health & wellness.

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