Something I learned quite a while ago about developing a success-orientated mindset was to set a clear intention at the beginning of the day. It was one of those ideas that sounded good at the time, yet seemed to slip down the ‘to do list’. The idea is to have a clear reason or purpose that guides how we think, feel, and act that is aligned with our bigger life vision.

I was in the middle of a hectic time, juggling a demanding job and family commitments, while trying to keep fit, see friends and squeeze in some ‘me time’. Feeling caught up in the daily cycle of commitments and obligations, I felt like I was spinning my wheels without a clear sense of what was important to me. Have you felt like this in your life? So caught up with life’s demands that you feel like you’ve lost touch with what matters to you the most.

So one morning I decided to try something different. I spent time imagining how I wanted my day to look, in particular how I wanted to think, feel and act. Rather than leaving it to chance or to external influences such as other people or events, I decided to take charge of my day.

I remembered reading that its important to create an intention for the day because it aligns our heart, mind, and spirit with our life vision and purpose. Our intention is our aspirational purpose that guides the focus of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Its our declaration of how we choose to create and live our day. We declare to ourself, life, and the Universe, “This is how I choose to think, feel, and act on this day”.

I wondered what should my intention be for the day. There was so much going on in my life, it was difficult to choose which area to make a priority. Should it be my career, or family life, or maybe it should be my health? I really wasn’t sure. So I decided to reflect upon this during my morning meditation. What came to me was that my intention was about making a choice on how I would ‘be’ rather than what I would ‘do’. I had the choice to ‘be’ happy, positive, calm, gentle, patient, or any quality I chose. My intention reflected a way of ‘being’ that was aligned with my purpose and life vision. Who did I want to ‘be’ on this day?

I decided to give it a go. I wrote down, “My intention for today is to be happy, joy-filled and loving towards myself and everyone I meet’. As soon as I wrote it down I felt something inside me lift, like an inner smile. I read my intention out loud three times, and it felt good to hear these words about me. It was like I was trying on a new jacket. I tried it on and it felt like it was made just for me. I repeated my intention out loud several times thought out the day, trying it on for size.

That evening before I went to bed I read my intention and took a few minutes to reflect upon each word. Had I felt happy, joy-filled and loving that day? I remembered smiling at the woman I sat next to on the train. She smiled back at me. During my lunch break I remembered feeling lighter and not so rushed like I usually did. I had actually made time to buy that green smoothie I’d been promising myself for ages, instead of another coffee. As I re-lived these memories I felt a warm glow inside. I had felt happier, and more joyous than I had in a while. I had also taken a step towards improving my nutrition which I had been promising myself for some time. Even though these were little things I felt they were connected to the intention I had set that morning.

I made the commitment to set my intention each morning for a week so see what would happen. As part of my morning contemplation and journaling ritual I introduced the practice of setting my intention for the day and writing it down. I would review this intention and say it out loud a few times a day as reminder. In the evening I would read my intention and review how it had made a difference to my day. Reflecting back on the day I realised was that just by declaring my intention in the morning seemed to keep it at the forefront of my mind. It helped me to stay focused on how I had chosen to be that day whether that was more focused, happy, or loving. It was like a part of myself responded to my purpose and the desired state of being I had declared.

When we clarify and express our purpose in life and for our day our intentions reflect this. For example, if our purpose is to be happy, positive and success-orientated, then our intentions will reflect this. Our intention is our overarching aspirational purpose for your day and becomes the focus of how we think, feel and act.

Our intention shapes our day and directs our thoughts, feelings and actions. So its important to have a clear and specific intention that is aligned with our life vision and purpose. Having a daily intention helps us to stay centred and focused on what matters to us the most instead of becoming distracted.

I realised that by proactively setting my daily intention I could choose how I wanted to think, feel, and act instead of living in a state of constant reaction to external circumstances.

How to set your daily intention

Step 1: To set your daily intention take a few moments to think about how would you like to think, feel, and act today. Remember you are choosing how you wish to be as your best self living your ideal lifestyle. Do you choose to be grateful, patient, calm, loving in your day? Is your purpose on this day to be caring, of service, courageous?

Step 2: Write your intention for the day in a clear and concise sentence using positive, present tense language. For example,“I choose be more loving, gentle and patient with myself and others”, or “I am grateful for all the opportunities presented to me and receive these with gratitude”.

Step 3: Read your intention and say it our loud three times so it integrates within your consciousness.

Step 4: Review your intention throughout the day as a reminder to keep you focused.

Step 5: In the evening review your intention and reflect upon how it has influenced how you thought, felt and acted. Take time to notice any reflections and insights.

Step 6: Practice setting a daily intention as part of your sunrise ritual.

Setting your intention each day will help you stay focused and achieve your life vision faster.

After much soul searching, I developed these daily practices to inspire you to be the happiest, healthiest and most empowered woman you know. I would love for you to share these with those you love.

I believe in you! I believe in your brilliant LoveLight. Let it shine brightly and courageously for all to see.

Copyright 2017 Illira Margaritis

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