Imagine having a CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION and PURPOSE that INSPIRES and MOTIVATES you to achieve your life vision!

Learn how to HARNESS THE POWER of your Imagination to MAKE YOUR DREAMS REALITY! Join our LoveLight Community and get your FREE Guided Creative Visualisation.

“Having experienced many guided visualisations, I can highly recommend Illira’s technique. Within moments her gentle voice calmed my busy mind and took me on a beautiful journey. It was thoroughly enjoyable and memorable – so real and so vivid, yet completely effortless.” Josie

In my new book Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women you will learn how to develop a Powerful Morning Routine using these 7 Empowering Habits. Imagine experiencing greater Clarity, Focus, Purpose, Motivation and Confidence every day!

Through the daily practice of the Sunrise Rituals you will implement an Empowered Mindset, align your Energy and Vitality, harness the Power of your Imagination and take You will learn how to develop a Powerful Morning Routine to achieve your life vision faster.

“I have read several books and articles on the rituals that successful people incorporate into their lives and they have inspired me a lot. When I came across this book I was instantly motivated to read it and have no regrets about my decision to pick this book up. The (7) rituals added to the morning ensure the day is full of inspiration and not something we do in autopilot.” Neelam, Tanzania, reviewer

Did you know, the RITUALS and HABITS you practice daily affect how you THINK, FEEL, BEHAVE, and your level of SUCCESS?

The Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Living workshop will teach you a step-by-step process to develop a POWERFUL, INSPIRING, and MOTIVATING morning routine to align your mind-body-spirit with practical daily planning.

“The Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Living Workshop was enlightening. It highlighted the gap between how I am currently living and the life I want to live. Illira’s approach is gentle and creates a safe environment to explore and engage in these new life strategies.” 

Di Mitchell, Brisbane, April 2018.

I believe it’s time for women to IGNITE their EMPOWERMENT, be the leaders they truly are, and INSPIRE other women to be the same.

I am the author of SUNRISE RITUALS FOR EMPOWERED WOMEN, teaching women how to live an EMPOWERED LIFE by mastering their mindset, connecting with their spirit, vitalising their health and wellness, and turbo-charging their motivation.

My vision is to spread the message of WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT and WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP to women and girls globally, through my programs, books, workshops, retreats, podcast, speaking, and events.

So BEAUTIFUL it’s your time to,


Are you FEELING STUCK, maybe you’ve LOST YOUR MOJO, or you just don’t know how to move forward on your own?

Do you DREAM BIG BUT NOT SURE WHERE TO START to make your dreams a reality?

Have you have reached a PLATEAU IN YOUR LIFE OR BUSINESS, and you’re wondering what’s next?

Or maybe you have a BURNING PASSION, a YEARNING IN YOUR HEART, or a BRILLIANT BUSINESS IDEA, but you just can’t seem to get it off the ground….


Uncovering your personal SENSE OF PURPOSE that gives your life MEANING and FULFILMENT, that is the guiding star of your life’s work, and sets your soul on fire.

Having the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and COURAGE to envision who you aspire to be, and your ideal life and business.

Knowing how to shift your FEARS and DOUBTS, so you can BRAVELY and DECISIVELY envision, plan, and take POWERFUL ACTIONS to achieve your LIFE VISION.


Yes! You can BE the woman you have always dreamt of, EXPERIENCE your heart’s desires, and HAVE everything you only dared imagine, yet yearned your whole life.

It’s your time to DISCOVER your life purpose, INFUSE meaning into your life, ACTUALISE your life vision, and LIVE the amazing life you have dreamt of, for so long.

You have the ability to change your RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF so that, you can achieve an EMPOWERED MINDSET that will transform your HEALTH & WELLNESS, RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE, CAREER, BUSINESS, and LIFESTYLE.

“Your LIFE VISION is your MORNING STAR guiding you throughout your life towards your TRUE NORTH”.

Illira Margaritis


FREE 7 Day Challenge 2018 Empowered Life Vision

How you start your New Year will dramatically influence your results.

So this New Year you can either do something to change your life, or you can keep doing the same thing as last year and get the same results. Your choice.

Join me for the FREE 7 Day 2018 Empowered Life Vision Challenge. Let’s get started to make this year your most magnificent and empowered!

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